Heating & Cooling

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MRI and CT cooling systems

Cooling critical systems for the clearest view

Reliability, Really

Chillers: Choose from New or JMAC refurbished.  Highly reliable.  For GE, Hitachi, Phillips, Siemens,

Expert service of all brands, piping systems and controls.  For Fonar, GE, Siemens, Phillips, Hitachi.  Maintenance plans available.

Controls and Piping systems: On-site control of flow, temperature, and filtration, with viewing of needed data to verify systems are fully operable.
Monitoring: Remote viewing and powerful insights.  When a problem occurs you'll know the exact cause and the correct personnel to call for repair.  No. more sending an MR engineer when it is a chiller failure or simply an electrical issue. Real time and historical data of room temperature and humidity, precise flow rates, fluid temperatures, compressor loads, and coldhead loads.

Even more than that, we offer the ability to predict system failures before they cause downtime.  Predict cold head failure, cryo compressor failure, chiller flow or temperature failures.