Our clients include people from all walks of life throughout the Valley of the Sun, as well as commercial and industrial locations.  Because our clients are trusted referrals to us from other happy customers, we have also happily done work throughout the state.  These are only a few notable names we provide service to.

Residential and Rental:

Homeowners and landlords throughout the valley have consistently relied upon JMAC for consistent, cost-effective service and repair, as well as top quality unit replacement.  These include more than 6300 properties in the valley.

Some of our Current Commercial Clients:

Hotshot Delivery- Courier Services, Process Service, Warehousing, Freight Delivery.  JMAC has been providing service to their offices and homes for more than a decade.

Emerson / Semflex
- military and aerospace OEM for low loss coaxial cables and connections.  JMAC has been providing service and filter replacement services in their facilities for more than 7 years.

Simon Medical Imaging
 - SimonMed Imaging is the largest specialized outpatient physician imaging practice in the country.  JMAC provides service to their high tech HVAC equipment and chiller systems, as well as filter change service and servicing all standard HVAC equipment. These locations rely upon us for fast and reliable service on mission-critical equipment to keep their patients comfortable.

Fresenius Dialysis
 - provider of kidney dialysis services and renal care products.  JMAC provides service to all their HVAC equipment, as well as filter change services.  These locations rely upon us for fast and reliable service to keep their patients comfortable.